Residential Rubbish and Recycling Collection

A weekly rubbish and recycling kerbside collection service is provided to all properties on the collection route. This is paid via your rates as a targeted rate, which is $188 for the 2019/20 year.

Find your collection day for rubbish and recycling >

If your rubbish day falls on a public holiday your rubbish and recycling is still collected as per normal.

Bin/crate  Colour  Collection frequency  What can you include 
240L ‘wheelie’ for mixed recyclables Green with a yellow lid Fortnightly* Paper
Plastic bottles and containers1-7
Tin and aluminium cans
60L crate for glass

Additional glass crates are available for $15.50 each from the Civic Centre.
Blue Fortnightly* Jars and bottles used for food
52 prepaid Council rubbish bags (one per week)

You can put out more than one red bag per week for collection. Additional rubbish bags are available at Council service centres, the Civic Centre and authorised commercial outlets. The Council retail price is $3.40 each - purchases need to be a minimum of five bags at a time and in multiples of five (as the bags come in packs of five).
Red Weekly General waste

*Collected on alternate fortnights.

Which is my mixed recycling or glass week?

Check your address in our Rubbish Day search to find out which week to put out glass (blue week) or mixed recycling (yellow week).

Three step warning system for non-recyclable items in your bins

Step1: A friendly reminder sticker
Your recycling may still be collected but will be checked next time.

Step 2: A warning
Your recycling may or may not be collected. Please remove non-recyclable items and put out your bin on the next collection day.

Step 3: Final warning
Your recycling will not be collected until you can prove to the Council that you will recycle correctly. You will also receive a letter advising you of this. 

How heavy can my rubbish bag be?

Your red rubbish bag may weigh up to 15kg. If it is heavier it will not be collected.

My rubbish has not been collected?

  • Is it in a NPDC-branded bag? 
  • Did you put it out on the right day by 7am (check our rubbish day search above)?
  • Is it too heavy (for the safety of our rubbish collectors bags must not weigh more than 15kg and the glass crate must not weigh more than 12kg)?
  • There are three types of trucks: one for rubbish, one for glass and one for mixed recycling. This might mean that your rubbish bags and recycling are collected at different times. 

My recycling has not been collected?

  • Is it in the NPDC kerbside collection bins - a blue crate for glass and the yellow-topped wheelie bin for mixed recyclables?
  • Did you put it out on the right day by 7am (check our rubbish day search above)?
  • Does your recycling contain some non-recyclables items? Please check our list of non-recyclables items on our recycling search or our recycling web page. Please be aware that if non-recyclable items are placed in your recycling bin it may not be emptied and your recycling collection may be suspended.
  • Are the bottles in your glass crate above the height of the bin? To reduce the risk of spills and broken glass bottles must not come up over the side the bin. Additional bins are available. 
  • There are three types of trucks: one for rubbish, one for glass and one for mixed recycling. This might mean that your rubbish bags and recycling are collected at different times.

Is there assistance for elderly or disabled householders?

For those people that require assistance getting their rubbish and recycling to the kerb, a service that removes rubbish directly from your property is available for an annual fee.

This service is for those with a genuine need and do not have assistance available on their rubbish day. You will need to provide a letter from a medical or social care professional to support your eligibility for this service.

Not all requests are granted. We have to consider whether you have a medical need for this service and there is no one else to help you on rubbish day.

In assessing your application, a Council contractor will visit your property to check if it is feasible to collect your rubbish directly from your property. We require at least 10 working days to process your request.

The annual fee only needs to be paid when you receive confirmation that your application is granted. When your payment clears, we will let you know when the service will start.

If you are not eligible for this service then we recommend the following options:

  • Do not wait until your glass crate or recycling bin is full before putting it out - it will then be lighter to carry.
  • Get a neighbour, friend or family member to assist. Your rubbish and recycling can be put out on the kerb the night before collection day if required.
  • If you only have a small amount of glass, ask your neighbour if you can place it in their crate to save carrying your crate.

What about rural properties?

Rural properties that are within the designated collection area and that pay the targeted rate receive the rubbish and recycling collection service.

Properties on ‘designated roads’ may put out pre-purchased Council rubbish bags if it is safe for the contractor to pick these up. The designated roads are: SH45 between Okato and Oakura, SH3 between New Plymouth and Inglewood, SH3 between Tikorangi and Urenui, SH3 between Urenui and Pukearuhe Road, Pukearuhe Road between SH3 and Nopera Road and, Mimi and Wharekauri roads.

There are rural properties outside of these areas from which the previous contractor had been picking up stickered bags and recycling at the same time as collecting private bins.  As the new contractor does not travel these roads and none of these properties are within the collection area, on designated roads or pay the targeted these properties will no longer have stickered bags or recycling collected. Instead, they can take their rubbish in Council bags and recycling to the nearest transfer station for free drop off or they can arrange for a private contractor to pick up their waste.

Can I use bins from private contractors?

If you hire a wheelie bin from Waste Management Ltd (or another private company), you will be able to continue to use this service alongside the Council kerbside collection. This is a private arrangement between you and Waste Management Ltd and that agreement is separate from the Council service. The empting of these leased bins will not be done at the same time as the Council’s weekly rubbish collection and if you are in the collection area you will still be required to pay the Council's targeted rate for rubbish and recycling.

Who paid for the new bin and the glass crate?

The mixed recycling bin and the glass crate are provided by the Council, and are owned by the Council. The collection of rubbish, mixed recycling and glass is paid via a targeted rate. There is no additional charge for the first recycling bin, glass crate and year's worth of bags. Our contractor, Envirowaste Services Limited (NZ), completes all servicing and maintenance of the bins.  

Can I get extra crates and bags?

Additional rubbish bags are available at Council service centres, the Civic Centre and authorised commercial outlets for $3.40 each. Purchases need to be a minimum of five bags at a time and in multiples of five (as the bags come in packs of five).

Additional glass crates are available for $15.50 each and will be emptied with the other crate on your collection day.

Do I get a replacement bin if it has been damaged or stolen?

Bins that are on your property are your responsibility to care for, so if they are damaged, stolen or misused while on your property they will not be replaced by NPDC. You can buy replacement bins from us.

Bins that are damaged or stolen on collection day while they are on the kerb for collection or after they have been emptied will be replaced by NPDC provided that have not been put out days early or left out days later.

NPDC will replace bins and or parts (such as wheels) due to normal wear and tear.

What happens if someone sells or re-rents their property part way through the year?

Bags for the remainder of the 12-month period should be left for the new owner or tenant. Bins should also stay with the property.

Can I get excess stickers and use black bags?

No, stickers are not available and have being phased out. Black bags will not be picked up.

Are plastic bags able to be recycled?

No, they get tangled in the machinery so are not able to be recycled. This includes supermarket bags, and product bags like baby wipe bags, spaghetti, or bags that fruit comes in (e.g. grapes). 

Can I recycle Nespresso coffee pods?

Not through the kerbside recycling collection but you can return your capsules to a Nespresso recycling agent (place in a secure bag to stop leakage):

Sentiments Flowers
508 St Aubyn St
New Plymouth

Simply Blooming Florist & Gifts
43 Tukapa St
New Plymouth

Waitara Floral Studio & Gifts 
Shop 4, 60 Mclean Street

Lodge Floral Studio
Iwa Iti St

Flower Studio
76 Rata Street

My bags have not been delivered

If your neighbours have received their rubbish bags but you have not, please wait until Monday 2 October to phone or email us – 06-759 6060, – as your property’s delivery might be scheduled for later in the day.

You need to notify us of non-delivery by the end of November. 

My bags have been stolen from my letterbox

Taking rubbish bags from another person’s letterbox is theft. Please report any incidents to the police.

Any stolen bags should also be reported to the Council by the end of November. Up to that date, we will replace the bags if you have proof of address.