Plastic Free July

Plastic free July

Go Plastic-Free

Join the plastic-free challenge and ‘choose to refuse’ single-use plastics in your household! Here are some tips on how to cut back on the amount of plastic you use.

Replace plastic containers with reusable ones
This means giving up bottled water and takeaway coffee cups, and instead using reusable bottles and cups. Three New Plymouth cafes – Elixir Cafe, Emmalou Macaron and Coffee House, and Cafe Green Door – are trialling the Taranaki Cup Library, so be sure to check them out for your next coffee!

Choose home-made food over takeaways
Bringing your lunch from home or making your own dinner will mean a lot fewer takeaway containers in the recycling bin over a year.

Take your own fruit bags and containers when shopping
Increasingly, supermarkets are willing to let customers use their own containers for deli items, so you don't have to keep bringing home plastic containers for recycling. And if you take your own reusable fruit bags, you won’t need to use their plastic bags.

Ditch the straw
Do you really need one with your drink? And if you do, opt for a paper or metal one instead.

Flick the fork
Instead of plastic knives and forks, choose reusable bamboo or metal ones instead.

Leave behind plastic food-wrap
Try beeswax wraps, or pop your sandwich into an old-school lunchbox.

Would you like to try making your own beeswax wraps? Check out how here: