Airport Parking

Facilities at the New Plymouth Airport include day and long stay car parking, toilets, a cafe, members-only Koru lounge, taxis, shuttles and rental car operators.

Airport car parking

You can now pay by credit card at the parking exit gate, and use your credit card at entry and exit instead of taking a parking ticket.

  • When you enter the car park through the barrier arm, you will be issued an entry ticket, or you can insert your credit card to use instead of a ticket.
  • You can pay by cash, EFTPOS, or credit card at one of the pay machines before exiting the car park, or pay by credit card at the exit gate.
  • Airport Parking - credit card payment and ticket information

Parking fees

As of the 12 February 2018 parking charges increased.

Duration   Fees
Hourly rate

$2 (to a maximum $16 per day)
The first 20 mins are free

Daily rate

$16 for one day
$30 for two days
$44 for three days
$55 for four days
$66 for five days
$77 for six days
$80 for seven days

Daily thereafter $10

Weekly rate  $80 per week
Lost parking ticket  $100

A day is a 24hr period from entry. The customer is charged $2 per hour up until the daily maximum. For the first day (24hrs) this is $16. The next charge will not commence until the 2nd 24hr period starts.

Car park hours

The main gate to the airport site is locked approximately 30 minutes after the final scheduled flight of the day and reopens approximately 45 minutes before the first scheduled flight the following day. Call 0800 111 238 if you need to get your car out of the car park when the site is locked. There may be a charge for this service.

Airport shuttle