Herekawe Walkway

Herekawe walkway mapAccess this walkway from Manadon Street or Back Beach car park and enjoy a 1.5 km off-road, mostly unsealed path (with some area hardened off with metal).

Starting from Back Beach the walkway follows the Herekawe Stream and features bridges criss-crossing the stream and beautiful native bush. The gradient of the walkway gradual increases and ends in steps at Manadon Street.

Road user rules apply on our walkways so cyclists must wear helmets.

History of this community project

The Herekawe Stream Walkway Project was initiated in 2002. The project had three aims; to establish an
all-weather walkway along the Herekawe Stream to link inland residential areas with the coast, to reestablish natural habitat through the planting of native trees, and to provide a recreational facility for
the Taranaki community.

A three year timetable was developed and the project was launched in 2004. It began with with weed control and the fencing of more than 1,500m of riparian margins to exclude stock from neighbouring farms.

Over 6,000 native trees were planted by more than 800 community volunteers during three very successful community planting days in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

The Herekawe Walkway Grand Opening was celebrated in January 2007. It marked the result of
a four year commitment to this unique community project. A television documentary was filmed to showcase the project as a successful example of team work between industry, councils and the community to enhance their local environment. It can be viewed on the Taranaki Tree Trust website.

A subsequent grant from the TSB Community Trust allowed bridges to be built over stream crossings to
ensure an all-weather surface for the walkway.

Key partners

The key partners were Dow Agrosciences, Methanex New Zealand Ltd, Shell Todd Oil Services, AJ Cowley, New Plymouth District Council, Taranaki Reginal Council, local iwi, the Taranaki Tree Trust, and the community.

Future plans

A three-year work programme has been drafted for 2012-2014 focusing on:

  • Maintenance of the walkway.
  • Marking and clearing of culverts.
  • Slip management.
  • An upgrade to the sewer pump station.
  • Installation of three seats.
  • Metalling of the track.
  • Restoration planting - native plants will be used to fill any remaining gaps and the space created from the removal of weeds.
  • Community planting days are planned for 2013 and 2014.
  • These will be followed by community releasing (weeding) days to allow the native species to grow and thrive.
  • The entrance signs have been replaced and signs will be installed about the ecological and cultural values of the area, and the history of the project.