Riding in New Plymouth District

We encourage you to choose cycling over driving as your first choice for getting to and from work and school and around town.

Why? It’s healthy, social, fun, economical, and it dramatically reduces your personal environmental impact and carbon footprint. It is also a great way to avoid the congestion caused and experienced by driving to work – if your destination is under five kilometres away chances are you’ll get their faster by bike!

Report broken glass

To ensure our district is cycle friendly, we need to know of hazards like broken glass. Remember to include the address or a clear description of where the glass or debris is.

Report a crash or near miss

Information about crashes or near-misses helps us and the Police to determine if there are particular areas that are accident prone and if changes need to be made to reduce the risk of accidents (e.g. signage, road surface etc).

All crashes, including near-misses, should be reported to the Police

Find out more about Let's Go

Let's Go is a Council initiative to encourage our community to choose walking, cycling or the bus for short trips instead of the car. See the Let's Go website for maps, events, competitions and tips for riding and walking as well as bus information.