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Status: Closed 
Closed: 5pm, Wednesday 26 September 2018 

Monitoring at 13 coastal sites in our district for the last four summers shows a steady increase in the number of freedom campers: 297 in 2015, 490 in 2016, 850 in 2017 and 1,656 in 2018. About 70 per cent of the freedom campers in 2018 were in non-self-contained vehicles.

The draft Freedom Camping Bylaw aims to strike a balance between welcoming freedom campers and protecting our beautiful places.

The proposal includes:

  • To allow non-self-contained (NSC) campers access to only selected car parks near 23 public toilets.
  • To ban tents and other temporary structures.
  • To have NSC campers restricted to no more than two nights in any one place in a 30-day period. 
  • To toughen up the camping rules at Waiwhakaiho, East End and Kawaroa by restricting freedom campers to selected car parks.
  • To change the summer rules at Fitzroy and Oakura beaches to a year-round ban, although with the possibility of selected car parks for freedom camping from 1 May to 31 October.
  • Self-contained freedom campers would still be allowed to stay at public places for up to three nights in the same area – including in the selected carparks near the 23 public toilets. 
  • Freedom camping would still be banned at Back Beach bottom car park year round.


View the Draft Freedom Camping Statement of Proposal August 2018

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