Draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

Status: Submissions on our draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan has closed. We will collate the feedback, finalise the plan and report back to the Council later this year.


Key proposals of the draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

To achieve Zero Waste, we believe that both the Council and the community will need to be leaders in waste minimisation and invest in infrastructure, education and behaviour change programmes, and policy changes that will drive a major shift in how we manage our waste and resources.

Key options are listed below along with the likely impact on rates above the currently budgeted services and infrastructure provided by the Council. Funding from other sources may include user fees, contestable funds, waste levy and sponsorship.

Behaviour change and education proposed options  Weekly rate cost per household 
 Implement targeted education programmes that will result in behaviour change (multiple programmes)   30c
 Total impact on rates  30c 
Leadership, collaboration and partnerships proposed options Weekly rate cost per household 
 Provide a local contestable fund to assist the community to implement waste minimisation projects  Funded by waste levy
 Collaborate with others to develop innovative solutions to waste challenges  
 Develop a comprehensive strategy to reduce illegal dumping and littering
 Develop an in-house waste strategy to divert waste from landfill  
 Total impact on rates  1c 
Accessible services and facilities proposed options Weekly rate cost per household 

 Greenwaste and food waste:

• Provide a fortnightly kerbside greenwaste and food waste collection to all households in the serviced area.

• Implement bylaws, licensing and pricing to reduce greenwaste disposed to landfill


 Commercial waste:

• Investigate aggregation of commercial waste to improve diversion options

• Employ a commercial Waste Minimisation Officer

• Build a commercial material recovery facility1

• Investigate alternative technology for waste disposal and diversion 

 Replace kerbside weekly 60L refuse bags with fortnightly 120L bins2, 3   30c
 Extend the kerbside collection area (rural/CBD)4   
 Total impact on rates  $1.80c 


1 Funded by user charges.
2 May expect an increase in waste disposed to landfill with bins.
3 Households currently leasing a private bin would pay less under this proposed option.
4 A new targeted rate would only be applied to properties in extended areas. No increase in cost for those currently getting the service.

If all proposed options are adopted, the total weekly increase in the household cost of waste services is estimated to be $2.15. This is a five per cent increase on the average household rate.


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