Proposed Ten Focus Areas Survey

Developing our district as New Zealand's lifestyle capital will take a team effort.

As a community, we wanted to have a conversation about proposed focus areas for the next three years, which were underpinned by our 30-year plan called the District Blueprint.

Survey submissions have now closed. Thank you to everyone who gave us their feedback. Here are the results.

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Top 10 Focus Area Keep Talking

"The results of our Focus Area surveys are in and our awesome natural environment has come out tops. The goal of Zero Waste by 2040 was the clear leader, both in the number of total responses and positive responses.

"The feedback provides a clear steer from those who participated about what is wanted and valued, but we know parts of our community haven’t joined the discussion and we need to lift our game to better understand the views of all of our people to ensure we balance competing priorities and consider how we pay to maintain and grow our district.

"Let’s Keep Talking," says Mayor Neil Holdom.

Top 10 Focus Area Destination Taranaki

"We have enormous potential. That's why Lonely Planet put us on the global tourist map as one of the top two regions in the world to visit."

"Keeping ourselves on the tourist map means more opportunities for our people, more visitors, more jobs and a more secure future."

Read what else NPDC Destination Taranaki Champions Councillor Stacey Hitchcock and Mayor Neil Holdom have to say on the topic:

Top 10 Focus Area Flagship Projects

"Our district is growing fast. We want our home to be more than just habitable; we want the mod cons that keep it comfortable and attractive – for ourselves and our visitors.

"By keeping a tight rein on our finances, we think we could plan for a flagship project every five to 10 years. We have to recognise that our district can’t stand still and we should prepare for the future."

Read what else NPDC Flagship Projects Champions Councillors Stacey Hitchcock and Harry Duynhoven have to say on the topic:

Top 10 Focus Area Breakwater Bay Development

"We reckon a marina could boost the local economy and create jobs. It could also attract international yachts – maybe trans-Tasman races – and bring more competitors to our fishing tournaments.

"The port is the endpoint of one of our major visitor attractions – the Coastal Walkway – but the current car park is an uninspiring end or beginning to a great scenic journey. Imagine if we could upgrade the pathways so more people could wander past the cafes, restaurants and shops at Breakwater Bay? Or even down to Ngamotu Beach?"

Read what else NPDC Breakwater Bay Champions Councillors Murray Chong and Alan Melody have to say on the topic:

Top 10 Focus Area Coastal Walkway Extension

"This proposed extension would take in the Waiongana Stream and the airport. The area has a rich history as the rohe of the Puketapu hapu and is believed to be the first area settled by Maori on this coast. 

"The extension would let us tell the region’s story at important sites along the pathway while preserving areas that are important to iwi and hapu."

Read what else NPDC Coastal Walkway Champions Councillors Marie Pearce, Mike Merrick and Colin Johnston have to say on the topic:

Top 10 Focus Area People Friendly

"People Friendly means different things. For New Plymouth District, it means serving you more efficiently and planning and designing our district to build stronger and more connected communities.

"We can expect that new smart systems will add some costs to our budgets for the next 10 years, but better services – with fewer delays – should lead to lower operational costs.."

Read what else NPDC People Friendly Champions Mayor Neil Holdom and Councillor Roy Weaver have to say on the topic:

Thriving Central City

"The Lonely Planet global accolade is driving a wave of publicity that is benefiting our retail sector and keeping the tills ringing. But it needs our help to sustain this vitality for future generations.

"Visitor and shopping trends are changing. The Central City needs to seize new opportunities and be more creative."

Read what else NPDC Waitara Stormwater Champions Councillor Alan Melody and Councillor Shaun Biesiek have to say on the topic:

Waitara Stormwater

"Waitara has always been prone to flooding for a number of reasons. We know during severe storms, flooding makes life tough for homes and businesses in the town. We care about this community and want to make it better.

"During the last two years just over $1.5 million has been spent on upgrading Waitara’s stormwater system. But a lot more needs to be done."

Read what else NPDC Waitara Stormwater Champions Mayor Neil Holdom and Councillor Colin Johnston have to say on the topic:

Water Sustainability - Treasuring Our Water

"Few would believe, in an area of such high rainfall as Taranaki, we face a water sustainability issue that could cost us an extra $40 million if we don’t start to treasure water.

"For water to remain affordable and for us to ensure a high quality for all, we need to start acting now. Just as taking more water from our rivers and aquifers is not environmentally acceptable, spending millions of ratepayers dollars on water infrastructure is also not financially acceptable."

Read what else NPDC Treasure Our Water Champions Councillor Richard Jordan and Councillor Roy Weaver have to say on the topic:

Zero Waste by 2040

"There is an environmental revolution going on and Zero Waste is a part of it. It is inevitable that Zero Waste practices become an environmental essential for all of us. This practice encourages the reuse and recycling of everything and aims to send almost nothing to the landfill.

"The idea of simply dumping our rubbish in the ground is offensive, repulsive and environmentally unacceptable. It is old technology and it is time for the new."

Read what else NPDC Zero Waste Champions Councillor Richard Handley and Councillor Harry Duynhoven have to say on the topic: