Land Development and Subdivision Infrastructure Standard- Local Amendment

Status:  Land Development and Subdivision Infrastructure Based on NZS4404:2010 Incorporating Amendment No 1 adopted by Council 30 August 2013.

The Council adopted Land Development and Subdivision Infrastructure Standard based on NZS4404:2010 with local amendments, sets out the minimum standards of technical performance and quality for the subdivision and development of land and infrastructure.

This is the key technical standard that is applied when new infrastructure assets are constructed and existing infrastructure assets are upgraded. As the Council's adopted standard it is also applied through the New Plymouth District Plan. This standard has been developed for use in both the New Plymouth District and South Taranaki District.

NZS4404:2010 has been developed at a national level and is the most up to date document detailing best practise infrastructure standards. In the majority of cases local amendments have largely been carried over from the Council's adopted 2009 Code of Practice except where they are no longer needed because they are either already incorporated in NZS4404:2010, or they no longer represent current practice. In this way the local amendments reflect local circumstances and have been minimised as much as possible. 

The Council's adoped Land Development and Subdivision Infrastucture Standard encourages sustainable development and best practice design while emphasising liveability and environmental quality.

The key areas covered in the standard include requirements for earthworks and geotechnical needs, roads, stormwater, waste water, water supply, landscape and network utility facilities. The standard includes up to date design principles such as.

  • Low impact design (LID) solutions for stormwater management and;
  • Urban design principles for roading design. 

These encourage more sustainable places, spaces and networks.

The Council holds a copyright agreement with Standards NZ. This agreement controls the copying and distribution of the standards document. Please contact Standards NZ for a full copy of the standard. NPDC local amendments to the standards document can be found via the link below and are to be used in conjunction with the standards document.

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