Request for temporary road closure Taranaki Car Club Waitara Street Sprint

08 July 2019

Taranaki Car Club has requested the closure of the following roads to conduct the R & S Dreaver Waitara Street Sprint, a motorsport event.

Date and period of closure: from 6am to 6pm on Saturday 16 November 2019.

Roads to be closed:

  • Memorial Place.
  • Whitaker Street from Blake to Browne streets.
  • Browne Street from McLean Street to High Street West.
  • Stafford Street from Browne to Grey streets.
  • Cameron Street from Grey to Blake streets.
  • Broadway from Cameron to Pratt streets.
  • High Street West from Cracroft to Browne streets.
  • Cracroft Street from High Street West to McLean Street.
  • Stafford Street from Cracroft to Blake streets.

The application is being considered under the Transport (Vehicular Traffic Road Closure) Regulations 1965. Submissions to the closure should reach New Plymouth District Council by 4pm on Tuesday 23 July.

Submissions must be made on the road closure form, which is available online at, or by contacting the Council on 06-759 6060 or

Emergency vehicles will have unrestricted access at all times.

During the proposed period of closure, an approved traffic management plan will provide for ordinary vehicular traffic which would otherwise use the roads.