New Addition to Brooklands Zoo's Capuchin Troop

24 March 2017

Brooklands Zoo has welcomed a baby monkey to its capuchin troop, as part of an international breeding programme.

The baby was born to Dixie in the early hours of Monday (20 March) morning. NPDC Brooklands Zoo Coordinator Eve Cozzi says Dixie is being a protective mother but visitors should be able to get a look at the two together.

“We’ve been observing them from a distance – Dixie is an experienced mum and she knows what to do,” says Ms Cozzi.

The gender of the baby will not be known until it is older.

The zoo plans to hold a public vote between three unisex names for the infant. “Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the ‘name the baby’ poll, which we’ll put up in a week or two,” she says.

Boo, the father, was born at Brooklands Zoo in 2001 while Dixie was transferred here from Hamilton Zoo in 2008.

Brooklands Zoo is a participant in a managed breeding programme for capuchins through the Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA). This infant is the outcome of a recommended paired breeding and is beneficial for the Australasian programme.  

Brooklands Zoo reopened to the public this morning (FRIDAY) after the pack-out of WOMAD from Brooklands Park was completed.
Capuchin mother Dixie with her baby