Let's Love Our Trees says New Plymouth District Council

14 March 2017

New Plymouth District Council is urging the community to look after public trees, after another case of a pohutukawa tree alongside the Coastal Walkway at East End Beach being illegally cut during the last week.

Periodically over the last five years, trees in the coastal area between East End and Fitzroy have been haphazardly interfered with and the Council is urging members of the public to instead get in touch if a Council tree is affecting their property.

“Someone has used a handsaw and butchered this pohutukawa at East End Beach, cutting off several metres of branches and leaving them on the ground,” says NPDC Manager Parks and Open Spaces Stuart Robertson.

“They’re probably trying to improve their view of the sea but what they’ve done instead is encourage the tree to bush out, be an even bigger visual nuisance and harder to maintain. 

“By leaving the trees alone, they grow up and our arborists will trim them properly so that eventually people can see through the tree trunks to the sea.”

Mr Robertson says there has been a spate of illegal prunings and poisonings lately, including behind Lynmouth Park and Findlay Street.

“These trees are on public land are used for shade, wind protection and landscaping,” he says.

Looking after the environment is part of NPDC’s District Blueprint (30-year plan), and the recent Lonely Planet accolade that names highlights Taranaki as the 2nd-best region in the world to visit, mentioned the beauty of our coast.

“These incidents make it harder for us to maintain this high standard,” says Mr Robertson.