Temporary Closure of Brooklands Park for WOMAD Event Construction

27 February 2017

The WOMAD festival site-build starts next week. 

To ensure public safety, Brooklands Park, Brooklands Zoo, the Gables, Kunming Garden and the TSB Bowl of Brooklands and their associated entrances will be closed from 8am on Monday 6 March until midnight on Thursday 23 March.

“It’s about keeping everyone safe and we apologise in advance if it’s a short-term hassle for some nearby residents,” says NPDC Recreation and Culture Manager Teresa Turner.

“The TSB Bowl of Brooklands and associated areas need to be transformed from a public park into a secure and fully serviced ticketed venue for this event.

“WOMAD will be setting up the site for up to 15,000 people, which involves installing temporary buildings, stages, sound systems and large scale structures and it’s safer for everyone if the public aren’t moving through the area during that time.”

WOMAD injects more than $5 million into the Taranaki economy.

There will be about 30 plant/heavy equipment movements during the set-up. This includes installing 14 portacoms, 12 containers of various sizes, additional toilets and the associated plumbing and electrical services required, plus erecting fences, marquees, stages, lighting and seating.

“It’s like creating a small, temporary town to accommodate thousands of people,” says Ms Turner.

Signs will be installed to advise the public about which entrances are closed and which alternate routes they can take at the each temporarily closed entrance. Information on the event construction zone can also be found online by clicking here