Free Desexing for Menacing Dogs

17 February 2017

Free desexing and microchipping of dogs classified as menacing is being offered by New Plymouth District Council.

The initiative is part of the Government’s national strategy to reduce the risk and harm of dog attacks.

The funding is a good opportunity for owners of menacing dogs to have their pets neutered or spayed for free before a possible law change makes desexing mandatory, says NPDC Manager Customer and Regulatory Services Katrina Brunton.

“Currently only dogs classified as dangerous must be desexed but it’s likely the law will be changed later this year to include menacing dogs,” she says.

“Under this initiative, we have Government funding to pay for neutering or spaying and the dogs’ after-care, and the Council will pay for microchipping the animals.

“We’ll be improving safety in the community by reducing the risk posed by menacing dogs and removing the price-barrier for their owners.”

The Council is contacting all owners of menacing dogs in the district to advise them on how to be part of the initiative, which is being coordinated with the New Plymouth SPCA and Vets4Pets.

After each dog’s operation, an Animal Control Officer will follow up with the owner about dog safety, risk minimisation, housing, fencing and safe exercise.

“The Council has an ongoing focus on education and risk prevention with animals, and this free desexing programme is another part of that service for dog owners and the general public,” says Ms Brunton.

The district has nearly 160 dogs classified as menacing that are not desexed.