Dangerous Building Notice Issued In Central City and Building Vacated

12 January 2017

New Plymouth District Council has made a decision under the Building Act 2004, to issue a Dangerous Building notice to 47 Currie Street in central New Plymouth.

The Council has received advice the south wall of this building is structurally unsound and the building has been vacated. Safety is the Council's top priority.

"Engineers have inspected the building over the last couple of days and say three of the columns which support the south wall of the building, are not structurally sound. As the regulator, public safety is our top priority, the building has been vacated and neighbouring businesses have been advised to take precautions," says Katrina Brunton, NPDC Customer and Regulatory Services Manager.

The owner of 47 Currie Street has been given 20 working days to provide a plan for remediation to the Council and is installing hoardings over the windows as a precautionary measure.

The laneway between this building and the neighbouring Taranaki Newspapers Limited (TNL) building has been cordoned off to the public.

The damage to the building's columns were identified during renovations and may have been impacted during the Kaikoura earthquake.