Public Feedback Wanted on New Water Quality Sign

22 December 2016

A new, more informative recreational water quality sign is being trialled in Waitara’s Marine Park.

The sign will replace various smaller signs so that the key information about water quality and any warnings against swimming or collecting shellfish are all in the one place.

Three temporary signs with the same look are also being trialled during the summer. These will be located at popular bathing sites if a warning is required based on the TRC monitoring results.

The District Councils use Taranaki Regional Council’s monitoring and national health guidelines to notify the public if the water quality of a site becomes unsuitable for swimming and other water-based recreational activities.

“If this trial goes well, we’ll roll out these signs in other locations throughout the region,” says Infrastructure Manager David Langford.

“We’d like to hear from the public about whether they think this new sign format meets their needs, and whether it’s informative and easy to understand.”

The new sign has been developed through a collaboration involving hapu, the Taranaki District Health Board, Taranaki Regional Council and the three district councils in New Plymouth, Stratford and South Taranaki.

It includes a new ‘traffic light’ system to mark any warnings:

  • Green – no health warnings.
  • Yellow – no swimming.
  • Orange – no shellfish gathering.
  • Red – no swimming or shellfish gathering.

The latest information about water quality will also be on the district councils’ websites, including a map of the region that displays the information for each site where water quality is tested.

People can send in their feedback on the sign to,, or phone 06-759 6060.

Public Feedback Wanted on New Water Quality Sign