Water Restrictions Coming in the New Year

16 December 2016

New Plymouth District’s new three-month water restrictions will start on Sunday 1 January.

There will be a ban on sprinklers, irrigation systems and unattended hoses, and hand-held hoses may be used only on the odds-and-evens system.

The restrictions will apply throughout the district and will be lifted on 31 March.

The three-month restriction is part of a suite of actions the Council is taking to reduce the district’s high water consumption.

“By all benchmarks, our district’s water consumption is excessive and unsustainable in the long-term,” says Infrastructure Manager David Langford.

“We’re undertaking a number of measures to lower the district’s water use, including to improve our water infrastructure, reduce water pressure where appropriate and encourage the voluntary adoption of water meters by residential customers.

“However, the best way to safeguard a natural resource, regardless of whether the water’s sourced from a river or an aquifer, is to be smart about how much of it we use.

“This blanket three-month restriction will cover the period of highest water use and also help us develop a new habit of better water conservation.”

The current average residential water consumption within the New Plymouth supply area is 334 litres per person per day (L/p/d), placing New Plymouth in the top-third for water consumption among provincial councils. In comparison, the national average is 275 L/p/d, Australia’s national average is 195 L/p/d and the Netherlands’ is 119 L/p/d.

For tips on how to reduce your water use, go to the Water Usage and Saving Water webpage.