Safety Improvements for Busy Urban Road

02 December 2016

Road safety improvements are proposed for the section of Coronation Avenue outside Highlands Intermediate School, and the public is being asked for their comments.

The changes to the road between State Highway 3 and Tarahua Road are designed to reduce confusion for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, says Manager Transportation Carl Whittleston.

The proposed improvements include widening the footpath from SH3 to the school’s gates, widening the cycle lanes, removing some car parking, shifting the pedestrian crossing away from the Evelyn Place intersection and shifting the bus stops.

“This is a key urban road that becomes particularly busy before school starts and when school is let out,” says Mr Whittleston.

“These changes will increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists and make the road less confusing for drivers.”

The project is partly funded through the NZTA Urban Cycleway Fund, with two-thirds coming from the New Zealand Transport Agency and one-third from New Plymouth District Council.

More details about the project and a submission form are online at Feedback closes on Wednesday 21 December.