Council to Consider New Airport Terminal Building

26 September 2016

A bold new plan to create a striking architectural statement for New Plymouth Airport’s new terminal building will be considered by the Council at its meeting tomorrow (TUESDAY).

The report to the Council includes the original plan to revamp the existing building as well as the new proposal for an entirely new terminal.

Manager New Plymouth Airport Wayne Wootton says a new build would be quicker than redeveloping and enlarging the existing building, and there would be less inconvenience for airport users during construction.

“There are other benefits that are worth considering too,” he says.

“We’d be able to establish an architecturally iconic design that integrates the local cultural narrative.

“We also wouldn’t be constrained by the shape and size, or the earthquake performance, of the existing building and we’d be able to make the best use of the terminal’s space for commercial leases – which will benefit the airport’s income.

“Overall, the potential of a new build makes it worth having a hard look at.”

Regardless of whether the new airport terminal comes from redeveloping the current building or building a new one, the cost will be met by the airport’s revenue through landing charges, car park fees, retail leases and advertising. 

Construction of either the new or revamped building is likely to begin in mid-2017.