Dog and Horse Restrictions During Daylight Saving

20 September 2016

When Daylight Saving starts on Sunday (25 September), seasonal restrictions for dog and horse owners also come in.

Horses may not be on Oakura, East End and Fitzroy beaches from 9am to 6pm during Daylight Saving, or on Ngamotu Beach at any time.

Also, dogs are not allowed in the following beach areas from 9am to 6pm during the Daylight Saving period:

  • Oakura Beach and foreshore area - the area directly in front of the surf club between the motor camp entrance and Wairau Road.
  • Fitzroy and East End beaches - in the area between imaginary lines drawn directly to the sea from the western (city) end of the East End Surf Life Saving Club building and the eastern (Waiwhakaiho) end of the Fitzroy Surf Life Saving Club building.
  • Oakura River/Corbett Park - Oakura River and bank including the grass area up to the main road bridge and down to the concrete amenities building.
  • Onaero Domain and adjoining beach - All of Onaero domain (except the area occupied by the baches) including the campground on both sides of the Onaero river adjoining the beach and foreshore.

“These areas are especially popular with people during Daylight Saving so we require dog owners to keep their pets away during the busiest times of the day,” says Customer and Regulatory Solutions Manager Katrina Brunton.

“It’s about striking a balance for beach users during the busiest season.

“Dogs are welcome there before 9am and after 6pm, and at many other places in the district, so we ask owners to respect these restrictions for the benefit of everyone.”

In addition, dogs must be on a lead in the following areas until the end of April, when the bird breeding and nesting season is finished:

  • Bell Block Beach – at the end of Mangati Road, between the toilet block and the beach access ramp. 
  • Wai-iti Beach between Beach Road and the start of the cliff face to the north-east. 
  • Tapuae Marine Reserve – between Tapuae and Herekawe streams. 

Parininihi Reserve – from Waipingau Stream to the Clifton Road boundary.

The Council’s website has more information about where dogs can be walked in the district, the areas where dogs must be on a lead (such as the Coastal Walkway), and areas where dogs are banned year-round (such as children’s playgrounds and Ngamotu Beach). Just go to and search for the Walking Your Dog webpage.

“We also want to remind people that beaches aren’t a place to drive up and down in a vehicle,” says Mrs Brunton.

The only exceptions are emergency and surf lifesaving vehicles, and when a vehicle is used to take a boat to or from the water (via the shortest distance to the sea).