Voting Papers Coming to Letterboxes from Tomorrow

15 September 2016

Keep an eye on your letterboxes: voting papers will be sent to everyone on the electoral roll between tomorrow (Friday) and Wednesday next week.

Group Manager Strategy Liam Hodgetts says people have until midday on Saturday 8 October to get their votes to the Electoral Officer.

“Don’t miss this opportunity to get involved in the local democratic process – local government plays an important role in our communities and elections give individuals the opportunity to help shape the place they live,” he says.

“Anyone who is posting their voting papers back should get them in the mail by Tuesday 4 October to make sure they reach the Electoral Officer in Auckland on time.

“Voting papers can also be hand-delivered to the Civic Centre on Liardet Street or a library and service centre in Waitara, Bell Block and Inglewood up to the midday deadline on 8 October.”

Voting for New Plymouth District Mayor, Councillors of New Plymouth district and Taranaki regional councils and members of the Inglewood and Waitara community boards is by first-past-the-post (with preferred candidates being ticked). Voting for Taranaki District Health Board members is by single transferable vote (with candidates ranked in preference).

Special votes are also available for people who:

  • Are eligible to vote but their name does not appear on the electoral roll.
  • Have their name on the unpublished roll.
  • Did not receive their voting papers in the post.

To arrange a special vote, please phone 0800 922 822.

Note: there is no election for Kaitake Community Board as the number of candidates equalled the number of available seats. The two candidates for Clifton Community Board are automatically elected, and a by-election will be held to fill the two remaining seats.