Two-Month Amnesty for Late Dog Registrations

26 August 2016

A new push to encourage dog owners to register their pets has been launched by New Plymouth District Council.

As part of the effort, the date for penalties for non-payment of the registration fee has been pushed back two months to the start of November.

“We are really encouraging dog owners to be responsible about registering their pets, and part of that is a two-month amnesty to give people more time to pay the fee,” says Manager Customer and Regulatory Services Katrina Brunton.

Currently there are about 11,580 dogs in the district, with about 9,660 of them registered.

Owners are required by the Dog Control Act to register their dogs. The fee helps fund the Council’s animal control service which includes investigation of complaints, patrols of public places, operation of the dog pound and dog-safety education programmes to schools, community groups and service industries.

The Council investigates at least 3,000 dog-related complaints each year.

The owners of any dogs not registered from 1 November will receive a 50 per cent penalty. Additionally, the Council may charge a fine of $300 per dog and/or impound the dog.

“We’d rather it didn’t get that far though, so please pay the fee either online at or at the Civic Centre or one of our library and service centres,” says Ms Brunton.