Parks and Reserves No-Go for Vehicles

06 September 2016

Warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours are encouraging more people into public reserves and walkways – but they are asked to leave behind any vehicles.

Complaints have been made to the Council in recent weeks about motorbikes as well as mini bikes and vehicles for children using and damaging walkways, parks, sportsgrounds, reserves and beaches.

Manager Parks and Open Spaces Stuart Robertson says there are two big issues: the public safety of walkers and damage to turf and walking tracks.

“It’s great that people want to get out and about with the warmer weather but the district’s parks and reserves are off-limits when it comes to vehicles,” he says.

“No vehicles are allowed on parks, reserves, sportsgrounds and walkways unless they’ve been authorised by the Council – such as for contractors repairing damage caused by hooning.

“As for beaches, vehicles may be on a beach only for launching or bringing in a boat, or if they’re an emergency vehicle. They aren’t a place for motorbikes.”

Anyone who sees a vehicle operating illegally in a public space should contact New Plymouth Police and the Council with the vehicle’s description and registration number.