Record Number of Draft Annual Plan Submissions

18 May 2016

A record number of submissions have been received by New Plymouth District Council for the draft Annual Plan 2016/17.

Submissions closed last Friday (13 MAY) and 1,389 were received – up on the previous record for annual plan submissions of 484 in 2003/04, and not far off the 1,831 submissions to the draft Long-Term Plan 2012-22.

“It’s really great to see so many people getting involved in the planning of our activities in the district for the coming year,” says Mayor Andrew Judd.

“There’ll be a mix of reasons for the high number of submissions. We asked for people to comment on three key proposals and a lot businesses in the New Plymouth CBD have commented on one of them, about free time-limited CBD parking on Saturdays.

“Also, the Council’s done a lot of advertising to encourage people to have their say, and the MyRates website has been very popular.” enabled ratepayers to see how the rates for their properties would be affected if they selected any of the three key proposals – free Saturday parking in central New Plymouth, attracting more events to Council venues and scoping an upgrade for the Todd Energy Aquatic Centre – then send their selections to the Council as a submission.

NPDC received 405 submissions via MyRates and 984 in hard-copy or through the Council’s website.

Public hearings on the draft Annual Plan submissions will be held in the Council Chamber on 9 and 10 June, and the Council’s deliberations will be on 28 June. All meetings will be streamed live online via