What Are You Missing on Rural Roads

20 June 2016

Rural residents throughout Taranaki will soon receive road safety messages in the mail as part of the What Are You Missing campaign.

Manager Transportation Carl Whittleston says rural roads have their own challenges for road users, including narrow berms, no footpaths, no streetlights and changing road cambers.

“We also have school children waiting roadside for buses, slow-moving farm machinery and sometimes livestock on the roads,” he says.

“Runners, walkers, bikers and drivers are sharing these roads so it’s important to take steps to be visible and aware of all road users. People on rural roads – and on urban roads as well – need to always be prepared for what could be around the corner.”

An information pamphlet is being delivered to all rural delivery addresses later this week with tips on how to stay safe as well as useful advice from a rural resident who runs regularly on country roads.

Also, Shell Todd and the Taranaki Rural Support Trust will discuss rural road safety at community meetings and hand out giveaways.

Safety tips include:

  • Look and think ahead when driving.
  • Slow down when coming into a section of sun strike or shading, or approaching a stationary bus.
  • Look twice. When you quickly scan the road your brain picks up only what it expects to see, so take a second look.
  • Be seen if heading out for a walk, run or ride – wear bright colours and make sure you can hear what’s happening around you.
  • Children are often on the roadside waiting for the bus from 7am to 8.45am and returning between 3.15pm and 4.30pm, so slow down and be alert.

The What Are You Missing campaign is supported by Shell Todd, New Plymouth injurySafe, Road Safe Taranaki and New Plymouth Police.