Water Restrictions for Okato

03 May 2016

Very low flows in the Mangatete Stream have prompted the reintroduction of water restrictions in Okato.

 The use of sprinklers, irrigation systems and unattended hoses is banned, while hand-held hoses can be used at even-number houses on even-numbered days and at odd-numbered houses on odd-numbered days.

Manager Water and Wastes Mark Hall says the ongoing dry spell has taken its toll on the Mangatete Stream, from which Okato’s water is sourced.

“We see rainfall being forecast for Taranaki but it either doesn’t last long or it’s much lighter than predicted – the Mangatete just hasn’t been getting the rainfall it needs to keep its water flow at a good level,” says Mr Hall.

“Showers are forecast for the end of the week and we hope that’ll be enough to at least reduce demand for watering gardens, even if it’s not enough to lift the restrictions.”

The Council asks Okato residents to keep water use at a minimum. Tips on how to conserve water are on the Council’s website at newplymouthnz.com.