Staged Water Shut-Downs for Mains Replacement

05 July 2016

A water main at the intersection of Mangorei Road and Northgate in New Plymouth is about to be replaced, requiring a number of staged water shut-downs on streets around lower Mangorei Road.

The shut-downs will start on Monday next week (11 July) and are expected to be complete by the 22 July, weather permitting.

“We’ve talked directly with key affected businesses and New Plymouth Girls’ High School about the coming shut-downs and letters will be sent to all the residential properties that will be affected at least 24 hours in advance of the shutdown,” says Infrastructure Manager David Langford.

To minimise the effect on businesses and residents, most of the shutdowns will occur at night – starting at 10pm and finishing by 6am.

The shut-downs might result in dirty water at the affected properties, and residents in these areas are advised to let the water settle before using it.

“Dirty water might also be seen beyond the lower Mangorei Road area in the unlikely event we experience problems with any of the water main valves or the shut-down process,” says Mr Langford.

“However, we’ve conducted tests leading up to this project to reduce the likelihood of that happening.”

Any dirty-looking water will not be a health risk, but would taste unpleasant to drink and could stain laundry.