Lights Vandalised on Churchill Heights

21 June 2016

Improvements to Churchill Heights in New Plymouth lasted only a fortnight before vandals wrecked them in a single night.

 The Council had replaced the eight lights in the public reserve with new LED lights, which cast a brighter, whiter light and are more energy efficient.

However during the weekend, rocks were thrown at four lights and three were damaged, which will cost nearly $7,000 to replace.

“It’s very disappointing to see these new lights damaged so quickly,” says Manager Parks and Open Spaces Stuart Robertson.

“If anyone saw or heard something that could be related to the vandalism, please let us know or call the police.”

The new lights are part of a general refurbishment of the reserve with the area recently cleaned and treated for moss and mould, and three new seats due to be installed shortly. The damaged lights will be fixed in August once replacement parts have arrived.