Grassy Slopes Tamed by Yellow Spider

02 June 2016

If you see a table-sized yellow machine in our parks that looks like a large, square Roomba – well, you’re not far from the truth.

New Plymouth District Council is using a new Spider lawnmower to tackle slopes above 30°, and it’s run by one person with a remote control.

“The controls look like a beefed-up X-Box controller and the ‘driver’ can stand safely on the flat while the Spider tackles the slope,” says Manager Parks and Open Spaces Stuart Robertson.

Previously, grass on slopes greater than 30° was cut with a hydro-mower (using an extendable arm with blades) or weed-eaters, or was left to grow.

Mr Robertson says the new remote mower gives the Council more options for maintaining the district’s tricky green areas while keeping staff safe.

“Auckland Council uses these on its motorway berms. We can look at a similar use, which would reduce any traffic interruptions caused by closing off lanes due to staff or larger machinery being on site,” he says.