Neighbourhood Match Fund

The Neighbourhood Match Fund is a fund set up by the TSB Community Trust in partnership with your local council to help bring people together in their own neighbourhood. The fund provides a one-off grant to groups of residents to deliver their own projects or events to improve their neighbourhood, leading to greater ownership of their surroundings and improved interactions and relationships between neighbours.
Match funding means the fund provides funding support to match the effort put in by the neighbourhood i.e. split 50/50, the fund will cover up to 50 percent of the total costs with the neighbourhood covering the remaining 50 percent. The neighbourhood’s input may include voluntary time, resources or materials and may also include other funding raised for the project or event by members of the specific neighbourhood.

Who can apply: Groups of residents within a neighbourhood
Funding length:  Once every two years
Application process: To be determined
KPIs required:  No
Funding contract: No
Payment type:  To group/individual on invoice
Reporting:  Completion report
Guidelines: Neighbourhood match fund guidelines

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Almost anyone can apply for the Neighbourhood Match Fund. The idea is that you and your neighbourhood take the initiative and come up with a plan to make your place great! Applications should be made by a key organiser or contact on behalf of the project or event. 

Note: Non-neighbourhood groups including individuals, businesses, schools or government agencies are not eligible for this funding. 

For more information please contact us.