Mangapouri Cemetery Development

New Plymouth’s new cemetery will be adjacent to Lake Mangamahoe Forest on Plantation Road off State Highway 3.

The cemetery is to be developed in four stages over 50 years. Development of the first stage will take up to three years, and it is planned to become available for use from June 2016, prior to New Plymouth’s Awanui Cemetery reaching capacity – estimated to be in May 2017.

The section of land nearest the poultry farm on the opposite side of the State Highway will be developed last as it won’t be required for cemetery purposes for at least 40 years.

Mangapouri Cemetery Project Information

How was the site chosen?

A total of 43 private and Council-owned sites around the district were evaluated. The potential cemetery sites were evaluated against a range of criteria, including proximity to New Plymouth and Inglewood (being the main population areas with cemeteries nearing capacity), accessibility to a state highway, sufficient area to operate for at least 50 years, and the ability to have both cremation and burial services.

Other criteria related to terrain, soil conditions, ground water and waahi tapu sites.

Consultation has taken place with neighboring land owners, Iwi, clergy and funeral directors and will continue at various stages of the development.

Where are our cemeteries?

The operational cemeteries in the district are Awanui (New Plymouth), Waitara, Urenui, Waireka, Oakura, Okato, Inglewood and Tarata. Te Henui in New Plymouth is open for burials to already reserved plots and ash interments to existing graves, while Purangi is open but unavailable for use.

Works programme

  • The removal of 11ha of pine trees from the site was completed in May 2012.
  • The Plantation Road/State Highway 3 intersection has been upgraded to allow for additional traffic in and out of Plantation Road.
  • The main access track into the site has been relocated
  • A stormwater system has been established.
  • A was awarded to Taranaki Civil Construction to construct the cemetery entrance, roading and parking areas within the cemetery.