Pre-lodgement Meetings

A pre-lodgement meeting is designed to make sure that your resource consent application is complete before you lodge it with us. This helps make the whole consent process run easier and smoother.

The Resource Management (Simplifying and Streamlining) Amendment Act 2009 has placed expectations on both applicants and councils to work smarter to simplify and streamline the resource consent process. 

How will a resource consent application be checked for completeness?

A pre-lodgement meeting will normally be required for land use applications and certain subdivisions.

Where there has been no prior communication, we may organise a meeting with you.

How will I know if I need a pre-lodgement meeting?

A number of subdivision applications, prepared by a survey company, should not need a pre-lodgement meeting.

Subdivisions that are likely to require a pre-lodgement meeting are:

  • Large subdivisions i.e. those with more than eight residential lots.
  • Combined land use and subdivision, e.g. industrial warehouse with parking or servicing issues.
  • Complex subdivisions such as farm parks.
  • Subdivisions involving the vesting of new roads.

We will work with repeat applicants, such as surveyors, who have submitted complete applications in the past to minimise the need for pre-lodgement meetings. 

Applications lodged without a pre-lodgement meeting will be checked for completeness and you will be contacted if there be any issues.

We recommend that repeat applicants discuss upcoming applications with us to confirm whether or not your application will need a pre-lodgement meeting.

What happens at a pre-lodgement meeting?

The objective of a pre-lodgement meeting is to ensure that your application is complete. A resource consent checklist has been created for this purpose. You will need to complete this checklist prior to the meeting and bring it with you along with the application and completed forms. We will review this checklist to confirm completeness.

An incomplete application will not be held by the Council. Details of the information needed to achieve completeness will be provided. A further pre-lodgement meeting is likely if significant information is missing. 

Processing will start when an application is deemed complete and the fees are paid.

How will I organise a pre-lodgement meeting?

We require one working days notice to confirm your meeting request. Either fill in the pre-lodgement meeting form, call us on 06-759 6060 or email us at

We will contact you to confirm your meeting.

Will this pre-application work with the Council increase costs?

Focusing resources on the pre-application process is more efficient, in both time and cost, than trying to use the formal application process itself to resolve information issues. By getting the right details at the start, the overall process will cost about the same if not less than it does currently.