Your Landfill Bin

landfill bin

Please reduce waste to landfill wherever possible, and recycle and compost as much as you can, so that as little as possible has to go in your landfill bin.

Disposing of items in landfills takes valuable resources out of our economy, and requires new natural resources to make more products. Landfills also need to be carefully managed to minimise effects on the environment and our climate, making them expensive to run.

Your landfill bin is picked up fortnightly with your glass crate, on the alternate week to your recycling bin.

What goes in the landfill bin?

The landfill bin is for any non-recyclable or non-compostable materials.

Please feed your landfill bin only these loose items:

  • Plastic bottles and containers with 3, 4, 6 or 7 in the triangle
  • Plastic containers without a 1-7 symbol in a triangle
  • Plastic bags and soft plastic wrapping/packaging
  • Nappies, hygiene products (please wrap in other packaging or a bag)
  • Pet waste (wrapped)
  • Plastic bags and soft plastic wrapping/packaging
  • Plastic containers without a 1-7 symbol in a triangle
  • Expanded polystyrene, polystyrene foam (even with a 6 in a triangle)
  • Drink cartons
  • Lids smaller than 10 cm
  • Coffee cups
  • Broken glass (please wrap)
  • Non-compostable plants, noxious weeds and pest plants including: agapanthus, flax, trandescantia and wild ginger.

Do not put into your landfill bin:

  • Plastic containers with 1, 2 or 5 in the triangle
  • Food scraps
  • Recyclables
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Lithium batteries
  • Hot ash
  • Medical waste and needles
  • Hazardous waste or chemicals
  • Paints, solvents and chemical containers
  • Compostable garden or green waste
  • Liquids
  • Electronics or electrical appliances
  • Reusable items in good condition.

To find alternatives for disposing of these items see the Zero Waste Taranaki Directory.

Where to put your bin at the kerb

Your landfill bin is picked up by the mechanical arms of a landfill collection truck. To make sure your bin can be emptied, ensure that it is at least 30cm away from any other bin or crate, and 1m from any cars, fences or trees. Do not place your bin below a tree, unless there is a 3m clearance between the top of the bin and the foliage.

How do I keep my landfill bin lid closed?

You can get a bin latch from any NPDC Service Centre to keep your landfill bin securely closed. When the landfill truck picks up your bin and tips it upside down the weight of what’s inside will then force the latch open.

Watch a video on how to attach your bin latch, or download the visual instructions for attaching your bin latch.

Please place no more than one latch on the recycling or landfill bin.

To ensure your latch works please make sure you have at least 2.3 kilograms of waste inside. If you have less than this amount, don’t secure the latch when you put out your bin.

Wheelie bin tow hitch

Suppliers that sell tow hitch devices that may help you get your bin to the kerbside.

Wheelie Bin Tow Hitch

Not Socks

Bin Towa

Please note that should not be taken as endorsement of these products. Please do your own research to satisfy yourself that you are making the correct purchase decision.
Where do the items I put in my landfill bin go?
Items placed in your landfill bin get transported to Bonny Glen Landfill near Marton, and buried in the ground.
How do I reduce any smell with my bin collected fortnightly?
There shouldn’t be any smells in your bin from food scraps, as they’ll be in the food scraps bin. 
If you are using disposable nappies or other incontinence products, there are some things you can do to manage the smell:
  • If possible, tip the contents of the nappy down the toilet.
  • Wrap the nappy into itself using the tabs and seal nappies tightly in waste plastic bags such as bread bags, before putting them in the landfill bin.
  • Store your landfill bin in the shade.
  • Make sure your landfill bin’s lid closes properly (don’t overfill it), and secure with a lid latch.
  • Consider using odour-neutralising products in your bin, such as cat litter or eco-friendly smell absorbers.

Green waste

Compostable garden waste should not be placed in your landfill bin. Compost green waste at home or drop it at one of our transfer stations for a fee. You can also organise a green waste collection with a commercial green waste collector.

Only these types of plants can go in your landfill bin:

  • Noxious weeds such as tradescantia/wandering willy
  • Pest plants such as wild ginger, gorse, old man’s beard or yellow ragwort.
  • Non-compostable plants such as flax, agapanthas or cabbage tree leaves.

You can find more information and see images of pest plants in this document prepared by the TRC.

guidelines for what does and does not go in your landfill bin