Your Kerbside Bin Collection

Graphic showing food scraps bin will be collected weekly, glass collected fortnightly, mixed recyclables collected fortnightly and the landfill bin fortnightly

Our kerbside collection service operates on a fortnightly system for landfill, glass and mixed recyclables and a weekly pickup for food waste.

Please note: Only plastic containers with the number 1, 2 or 5 in the recycling triangle can go in the yellow recycling bin; all other plastics go in the red landfill bin.

Check your collection calendar, download the NPDC Recycling and Rubbish app from the Apple App Store or Google Play or check our online bin collection schedule.

To keep our collectors and streets safe from smashed glass, please don’t fill the glass crates higher than the top of the crate.

Only NPDC bins will be emptied – no additional bags, boxes or stacked recyclables will be collected.

Please help us reduce the pressure on essential service staff by doing the following:

  • Reduce waste wherever you can.
  • Hold onto any excess recyclables that don’t fit into your crate or bin until the next collection day, or take them to your nearest transfer station or The Junction for free.
  • Put out your landfill bin only when needed. These will be collected fortnightly, as per your usual collection schedule. 

Pick-up times on your collection day may change. So please have your bin out by 7am (or 6am if you are on the New Plymouth one-way system), but be patient if emptying takes longer than usual.

Please note that lids cannot be recycled. When placing bottles and containers into your recycling bin, please remove all lids and place into your landfill bin.


Putting your bins out

Make sure bins are at the kerbside by 7am (note on the one-way system on Powderham and Vivian Street bins need to be out by 6am)

Different bins are picked up in different ways. The landfill and mixed recycling bins are picked up mechanically by the trucks. Food scraps and glass recycling bins are emptied by hand. If you place your bins out with a neighbour's then please group the same coloured bins together, with a 30cm gap between each bin so that truck and human arms can fit in to pick them up.

It is best to place your food scraps bin so that it can be seen by the driver when they are coming up the road. Please don't put it behind or between other bins as it is small and might not be seen if it is not in clear view.


Missed collection

Different trucks are used for different bins, so it is likely that your bins will be picked up at different times of the day.

If your bin is not collected by evening check whether any of the below reasons apply:

  • It wasn't out on time - bins need to be out by 7am (or 6am if you are on the one-way system on Powderham or Vivian Street)
  • It was out on the wrong day - check your bin collection day
  • Your bin had incorrect items in it - check for a sticker on your bin
  • Your bin was overweight or overfilled - check maximum bin weights below
  • Your bins were not placed at the kerbside correctly - check your bin for a sticker

If you bin has not been collected please address any issues above and put it out on the next collection day. 

If none of these apply please phone us on 06 759 6060 or email us so we're aware of a missed collection.

Maximum weight of bins

Food scraps bin: 10kg

Mixed recycling bin: 70kg

Glass crate: 12kg

Landfill bin: 35kg

Bin Latches

You can pick up a free bin latch from any NPDC Service Centre to keep your mixed recycling or landfill bin securely closed. When the truck picks up your bin and tips it upside down the weight of what's inside will force the latch open.

Watch a video on how to attach your bin latch correctly or download the instructions showing how to attach your bin latch.

Make sure you have at least 2.3kg of waste in your bin otherwise it won't be heavy enough to force the latch open. If you have less waste in your bin, don't secure the latch when you put your bin out.



Contaminated recycling warning

It is important that only recyclable items are placed in recycling bins. We have a three step warning system for recycling bins that have non-recyclable items in them.

First warning: Your recycling may not be collected. You will receive a sticker or tag on your bin to notify you of the items that are non-recyclable, as well as a notification letter from Council. Please remove all non-recyclable items specified on the sticker/tag on your bin before your next collection day.

Second warning: Your recycling may not be collected. You will receive a sticker or tag on your bin to notify you of the items that are non-recyclable, as well as, a notification letter from Council. Please remove all non-recyclable items specified on the sticker/tag on your bin before your next collection day.

Final warning: Your recycling will not be collected until you can prove that you will recycle correctly. You will also receive a letter advising you of this.




We have a service available for those who require assistance getting their bins to the kerb.

This service is available for an annual fee, and is for those with genuine need and who do not have assistance to carry bins for them. You will need to provide a letter from a medical or social care professional to support your eligibility for this service.

If you are eligible, please fill out the back door recycling and rubbish collection form.

Not all requests are able to be granted. We have to consider whether you have a medical need for this service and if there is no one else to help you on your bin collection days.

Moving house

The bins belong with the property and must stay with the property when it is sold or a rental tenancy changes.

Cost of the service

The cost is covered in your rates by a targeted rate. This means that residents who are not in the collection area do not pay for it in their rates. In the 2020/21 year the cost is $189.88.

Houses not included in the service

Some houses in the CBD and in rural areas do not receive the weekly kerbside collection service. Note that is free to take your recyclables to your closest transfer station for drop off. Landfill waste can be dropped off at transfer stations for a fee, or collected by a private waste contractor in some areas.

Additional bins

Additional glass crates are available. Please refer to our fees and charges for the cost.

Additional food scraps, mixed recycling and landfill bins are not able to be provided.

A commercial contractor may be able to manage any additional waste, for example green waste that you are unable to compost at home.

Replacing lost or stolen bins

Bins that are on your property are your responsibility to care for, so if they are damaged, stolen or misused while on your property we will not replace them. You can buy replacement bins from us. 

Bins that are damaged or stolen on collection day while they are on the kerb for collection or after they have been emptied will be replaced by NPDC provided they have not been put out days early or left out days later. Please phone us on 06-759 6060 or email us if you need to arrange for a replacement bin.

We will replace bins and or parts (such as wheels) due to normal wear and tear.