Managing Waste at Events

If you are planning a public event in the district then you need to have a plan to manage your waste

It is a mandatory requirement for all public events to have a waste minimisation plan in place. Please use the below form to submit your waste minimisation plan. Applying for the funding is optional.


We are here to help you make sure your event has as little waste going to landfill as possible.We can support you with:

  • Advice about on-site planning, waste station set up (pictured above), health and safety
  • Information on the collection and disposal of recycling, glass and organics by waste contractors
  • Provision of waste infrastructure including zero waste signage, bin wraps and lids
  • Advice on the sorting of waste streams by zero waste volunteers

We also have funding available to help you carry out your plan, please use the form below.

Please fill out the below form and submit it at The application may take upto 15 days to process so please make sure you submit it well before your event.