E-waste recycling depot

The e-waste recycling depot in New Plymouth correctly disposes of all e-waste, recycling all reusable material.

Where: New Plymouth Transfer Station, Colson Road
Hours: Seven days a week during the opening hours of the New Plymouth transfer station.

This facility is owned and operated by Enviro Waste Limited. Please check details such as opening hours and charges with them on 06-758 7601.

Charges list (2020/21)

  • CRT TVs and monitors: $20
  • Flat panel TVs: $15
  • LCD computer monitors: $12
  • Desktops, laptops, tablets, servers: $5.
  • Small printers, scanners, faxes: $18
  • Large printers, scanners, faxes: $25
  • Small photocopiers: $50
  • Large photocopiers: $70
  • Small appliances, drills, clocks,phones, cameras, heaters, fans, stereo, game consoles: $7
  • Vacuums, microwaves: $12.
  • DVD, VCR players: $10
  • Miscellaneous: $5 per kg.

**Note, prices are subject to change.

See www.e-cycle.co.nz for more information about e-waste.

If your unwanted computer equipment, printer or fax still has life left in it you could sell it or give it away:

Note: Delete all personal data from your computer before disposing it. If in doubt about how to do this contact a local computer service shop.

Commercial e-waste

Large businesses and government agencies have the option to insist that their suppliers take back unwanted equipment.

You can also contact E-cycle directly to arrange recycling of commercial quantities of e-waste at www.e-cycle.co.nz.


If you have an unwanted photocopier, contact the manufacturer, e.g. Fuji Xerox, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Canon, as they may be willing to collect it for refurbishing or recycling. There might be a cost depending on location, age of machine, etc.