E-waste recycling depot

The Junction on Colson Road, New Plymouth correctly disposes of all e-waste, recycling all reusable material..

Where: The Junction, Colson Road.
Hours: From 10am to 4pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

Charges list (2021/22)

  • CRT TV, CRT monitor: $25.
  • Flat panel TV: $15.
  • LCD computer monitor: $13.
  • Desktop computer, server, UPS, keyboard, docking station, DVD/VCR player, stereo speaker: $5.
  • Laptop computer, modem, switch, router, computer speaker (per unit): $6.
  • Small printer, scanner, fax machine (<0.05m3): $18.
  • Small photocopier (<0.5m3): $50.
  • Alarm clock, camera, heater, fan, microwave, stereo amplifier, gaming console: $8.
  • Vacuum cleaner: $13.
  • Dehumidifier: $25.
  • Washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, oven: $10.
  • Other items – price on application.

**Note, prices are subject to change.

See www.e-cycle.co.nz for more information about e-waste.

If your unwanted computer equipment, printer or fax still has life left in it you could sell it or give it away:

Note: Delete all personal data from your computer before disposing it. If in doubt about how to do this contact a local computer service shop.

Commercial e-waste

Large businesses and government agencies have the option to insist that their suppliers take back unwanted equipment.

You can also contact E-cycle directly to arrange recycling of commercial quantities of e-waste at www.e-cycle.co.nz.


If you have an unwanted photocopier, contact the manufacturer, e.g. Fuji Xerox, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Canon, as they may be willing to collect it for refurbishing or recycling. There might be a cost depending on location, age of machine, etc.