Zero Waste (Recycling and Rubbish)

What does Zero Waste mean?

Zero Waste 2040 is our aspirational goal to have no rubbish or waste going into our landfill by 2040.

It is a big challenge that will require big changes and everyone working together. We are well on the way, with the introduction of the food scraps collection service in October 2019, diverting 150 tonnes of food waste from the landfill each month and The Junction re-use shop opening in March 2020. 

Want to find out more?

If everyone in our district cuts waste at home we can make a big step towards zero waste to landfill. 

zero waste infographic showing our current state (17,000 tonnes of landfill waste per year) and some guidelines to help us get to zero waste 2040, such as education, a new community reuse and recycle centre and supporting local initiatives