Water Restrictions

 Current water restrictions

Residential water restrictions are here until 31 March 2021.

The use of sprinklers, irrigation systems and unattended hoses is banned. Hand-held hoses may be used on the odds and evens system: at odd-numbered houses on odd-numbered days and at even-numbered houses on even-numbered days. 

This helps our water treatment plants keep up with demand at a time when our supply streams are at their lowest.

Be a Wai Warrior and help reduce our water use by  making small changes to your daily water habits. Check out our water saving tips.

View our district's water usage.


Different types of water restrictions

We use five levels of water restrictions depending on the time of year and any incidents in the community:

Restriction Level
0 Standby: conserve water notices are issued
1 Total ban on the residential use of sprinklers, irrigation systems and unattended hoses. Partial restriction on use of hand-held hoses (using the odds and evens street address system).
2 Total ban on the residential use of sprinklers, irrigation systems, hand held-hoses and water blasters until the restriction is lifted.
3 All customers (residential and commercial) are restricted to essential water use only. This applies to critically low supplies.
4 Crisis: industry liaison.

Note: levels one and two apply to domestic use, e.g. all residential customers, and all non-commercial use at commercial premises (for instance, a business may not use an irrigation system or sprinklers to water grass or flowers that are not for sale). Normal and typical commercial use of water is permitted. All customers are encouraged to reduce water consumption.

Level one water restrictions are in place from 1 January to 31 March every year unless circumstances require the summer restrictions to start earlier.