Water Connections and Disconnections

Residents pay for water as a separate uniform charge as a targeted rate. Businesses are metered and pay on a cubic metre basis.

Water connections and disconnections

For new residential, rural, coastal and commercial users you need to complete a water connection/disconnection form to get your water connected. 

A rural water connection is only available on a restricted flow (one cubic metre or 1000 litres per day minimum).
You will need to complete a water application/disconnection form (below) to get your water disconnected. For temporary disconnection get your plumber to disconnect the service on your side of the toby or manifold box.


Water leaks

We are responsible for the maintenance of the mains and pipes leading up to your boundary and including your toby or manifold as well as fire hydrants. This also applies to right-of-ways. Leaks in pipes from your toby to your house are your responsibility to fix.

Find out how to tell where the leak is