Leaks Maintenance and Upgrades

We are responsible for the maintenance of 120km of trunk mains and 560km of service mains water piping throughout the district. This includes the mains and pipes leading up to your boundary and your toby or manifold. Leaks in pipes from your toby to your house are your responsibility to fix.

Reporting water leaks 

If you notice a water leak on a road, in a park or reserve, or on someone else’s property please let us know – giving as much information as possible about the leak (e.g. location, size). If the leak is on private property, we'll get in touch with the land owner to get it fixed.  

Some leaks need urgent attention and will usually be seen within 1 hour, while others can be fixed under normal response times. Help us identify if a leak is urgent by using this table as a guide. If you think a leak may be urgent please call us on 06 759 6060. If it's not urgent you can either call us or use the form at the bottom of this page


Water Supply  Waste Water Stormwater

Water leaks that look like a kitchen tap turned on full

Water leaks on private property which are causing internal damage to a property and the toby can't be found

Water leaks on roads where the seal of the road is lifting

Water leaks at fire hydrants or valves where the water is gushing out

No water supply to a property

Sewer overflows from manholes

Sewer overflows from pump stations

Missing/dislodged manhole lids



Flooding where habitable floors in a building gets flooded

Petrol/chemical spills into the stormwater network

Missing/dislodged manhole lids




Please note that blockages in sewer laterals will not be attended by NPDC. The owner of a property is responsible for clearing blockages in the sewer lateral serving their property from the house to the point where the lateral connects into the sewer main. if the blockage is caused by a structural fault in the section of the lateral which is outside the property's boundary NPDC will consider reimbursement of reasonable costs.

Water leaks on private property 

If you think you may have a water leak you can see if it is within your boundary by checking your water meter. Take a reading of the meter in the evening and another in the morning, ensuring that no water is used overnight. An increase in the reading overnight indicates that water has passed through the meter, and that there is a water leak on your side of the meter, in which case you should contact a plumber.

If your toby is leaking shut it off as soon as you notice. If the flow doesn’t stop, it means the leak is on our side of the toby and you should contact us to get it fixed. If the flow does stop, there is a leak on your side of the meter and you will need to contact a plumber.

You may also have a leak on your property if you notice:

  • An unusual wet patch in the garden that doesn’t dry up when it stops raining.
  • An area that’s mouldy, soft, green or mossy that’s surrounded by dryer soil.
  • Paved areas (such as driveways) cracking, rising up or slumping.
  • Potholes or sinkholes.
  • A noticeable drop in the flow of water out of your taps.
  • An ongoing sound of water going through a pipe even when no taps are running. 

Water mains refreshing

Water mains refreshing, or flushing, happens when we open up hydrants for up to 20 minutes to run fresh water though pipe networks that are not frequently used (e.g. in cul-de-sacs and dead end roads).

This sometimes causes water pressure to drop, however it seldom drops below the minimum level we've set.

Residents are notified through public notices when water mains refreshing is due to take place.


Report a leak