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Take a look at how much water we have used over time and use the arrow buttons to see the water use in different parts of the district.

Our water

Residents pay for water as a separate uniform charge as a targeted rate. Businesses are metered and pay on a cubic metre basis.

New Plymouth's water supply is 'soft water', with a total hardness averaging around 58 g/m3  after lime addition. Water in the district's other three public supplies are only slightly 'harder'. While low hardness may mean the water is more corrosive (which we minimize by adding lime) it also means that soap suds-up easily, making washing more effective.

Because of the soft nature of our water, we recommend flushing a mug full of water from your drinking-water tap each morning before use to remove any metals that it may have dissolved from the plumbing fittings.

Water, stormwater, and wastewater connections

An application fee is required to be paid at the time of submitting an application to connect water, stormwater, wastewater and water restrictors. More information can be found at Water Connections and DisconnectionsWastewater - Get Connected and Stormwater - Get Connected.