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Water, stormwater, and wastewater connections

An application fee is required to be paid at the time of submitting an application to connect water, stormwater, wastewater and water restrictors. More information can be found at Water Connections and DisconnectionsWastewater - Get Connected and Stormwater - Get Connected.

The type of stormwater disposal for each property depends on district zoning.

Commercial / Industrial

For new connections, we will make a decision on your application within 10 working days. All connections must be carried out by Council-approved contractors.

For disconnections, we need five days to process your request and a Council-representative must carry out the disconnection.

If your property is commercial or industrial then a connection to the stormwater system is preferred. This can be made via:

Stormwater main: This is where stormwater is drained directly to the stormwater main pipe network. Normally, the connection is placed within the property boundary. In this case we are responsible for the pipe running from the stormwater main up to and including the connection. To be connected directly to the stormwater main you will need to apply for a stormwater connection.

Sump: This is the point along the edge of a road where stormwater / surface water drains. They are usually covered with a cast iron grate. You will need to apply for a stormwater connection for this.

Stormwater kerb connection: This is where pipes are placed under the footpath with an opening into the kerb and channel and the stormwater is drained there. For this type of connection you will need to apply for a stormwater connection.

Residential / Rural

Disposing of stormwater by soakhole is preferred for residential or rural properties.

Soak hole: A soak hole is a pit or covered hole in the ground that is used for collection and then disposal of rainwater into the surrounding soil. Stormwater from residential areas needs to be directed to soak holes if the ground conditions are suitable. Otherwise, stormwater needs to be directed down the kerb and channel.

If the site is unsuitable for a soak hole then an application for a stormwater connection can be made (provided there is a system to connect to).   

You do not need to apply for a stormwater connection if you are using a soak hole.

To find out if your property is within a stormwater system area Contact Us or call us 06-759 6060.

Approved contractors

 Company name  Name Phone number Email address
 City Care Water  Tony Ewens  06-769 5670
 Gas and Plumbing  Wayne Eustace  06-757 9030
 Whitaker Civil Engineering Ltd  Head office  06-755 9099 
 Offshore Plumbing Services Ltd  Racheal Cottom  06-755 2261
 Taranaki Civil Construction Ltd  Craig Sorensen  06-756 6080
 Fulton Hogan Ltd  Scott Ryan  06-755 9697
 Warner Construction Ltd  David Sullivan  06-755 4503