Rural Property Numbering

The Rural Address Property Identification System (Rapid) makes it easier for emergency services to find a particular house as quickly as possible. Properties are given a unique number based on their distance along a road (from its start point or intersection with another road to the entranceway of the property) as well as which side of the road the property is on. 

Numbers on the right side of the road are even; those on the left are odd.

The number given to a property is calculated by measuring the distance between the property and the start point of the road and multiplying this by 100. For example, a property 0.9km along White Road on the right side of the road will have the Rapid number 90. Likewise, 165 White Road is 1.65km along White Road on the left side.

Where there are multiple properties using the same entranceway, in most instances the rapid number will now contain alpha characters to determine each individual property. For example 90, 90A and 90B.

Even if a property owner doesn’t display a number, the property can still be found. For example, anyone looking for 90 White Road simply needs to put their odometer to zero at the entrance to White Road, then travel 0.9km – at which time they will be at or near the property entrance. However, having the property owner display the number prominently will make it easy for the rural property to be found.

We have adopted a standard method for displaying Rapid numbers. This uses a blue post with reflectorised white numbers placed at the entrance to the property.

How to get your Rapid number

Rapid number application forms are available from us. The completed application form, along with a site plan showing accurate measurements of boundary and entranceway locations needs to be returned to the Council, and your number will be issued.

Having a rapid number stake is optional; the number can be displayed as you choose. We recommend a stake as it clearly displays your number, making it easy for people to locate your property.

There is a charge to cover the cost of the stake and the reflective numbers – $32 (2018/19). This applies to both new and replacement stakes. There is no charge for a Rapid number issued without a stake. Instructions on where to position the posts and how to install them are provided.

Ongoing maintenance

The maintenance of the posts, and their replacement if they are damaged, are the responsibility of the property owner. Property owners should control roadside vegetation so that the post and number remain clearly visible to passing vehicles.

If you have any questions about maintenance, the position of the Rapid number posts or would like to order new posts, contact us.