Rates Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay without my rates invoice?

Yes, as long as you supply the relevant property address, the ratepayer's name or a rates reference.

Can I get details of rates paid in previous years?

Yes, please contact us.

My rates are in credit, can I have a refund?

Yes, all applications for refunds must be on the refund form. Refunds are banked directly into your account on Fridays (if your request has been received by 5pm Tuesday). You can also use your refund to pay other accounts, e.g. dog registration. Contact us for more information.

Changing the name on your rates account

Rates records must show the same ownership details as the property’s certificate of title.

Getting married? Please contact your solicitor who will forward the relevant notification to us.

In the event of a relationship separation the rates record can only be changed once the matrimonial/ relationship settlement has been completed. Please contact the solicitor who will be handling the settlement and they can forward the appropriate notification of the transaction, i.e. change of ownership, or a copy of the amended Certificate of Title to us.

What happens if the property now has a paying tenant?

Please contact us for advice.

Paying rates during a change of ownership

The solicitors involved will apportion the rates between the vendor (seller) and purchaser (buyer). The preferred method when an installment has been issued to the vendor is for the solicitor/vendor to pay that installment and receive a credit from the purchaser.

If a property is in credit when it is sold or if the vendor (seller) and their solicitor pay a current installment we will issue a refund to the solicitor for them to reimburse their client.

Can community or sports groups apply for reduction in rates?

Yes, a rates remission reduces or wipes out a rates bill for community and sporting groups. Apply by letter, fax, email or telephone (06 759 6060).

I've changed address, do I need to tell you?

Yes, we use DX Mail to so make sure you tell us if your address changes so we can change our records then let DX Mail know. You still need to let New Zealand Post know your new address as well.