How We Set and Use Rates

How NPDC Spends Each Dollar

How are rates set?

Each year we produce a Draft Annual Plan that details the proposed level of rates for the next financial year, along with the details of how services will be funded and provided. The rates are set in July of the rating year.

How are rates calculated?

Rates are based on a combination of the property’s land value (as assessed by Quotable Value New Zealand Limited) and the characteristics of the property. Every property in the district is allocated to one of four groups called differentials. Rates include a uniform annual general charge (UAGC). The four differential groups are:

Group 1 – Commercial/industrial properties.
Group 2 – Residential properties 1ha or less.
Group 3 – Small holdings (1ha to 4ha).
Group 4 – Farmland (greater than 4ha).

Targeted rates

Targeted rates are fixed charges for water supply, sewage disposal and refuse collection. Only properties that receive these services pay the charges. We calculate and levy these charges separately from general rates.

Rates for Taranaki Regional Council

We collect rates on behalf of the Taranaki Regional Council and this is itemised separately on your rates statement.