Land Use Resource Consents

Land Use Resource Consents

Resource consents are approvals to exceed the permitted requirements of the District Plan. We process them following details laid down in the Resource Management Act 1991.

The District Plan was developed in consultation with the community and aims to minimise the harmful effects that activities may have on the surrounding area and on the environment. It consists of maps, objectives, policies and rules which set out the activities permitted in the New Plymouth District. It determines where resource consents are required and under which conditions these can be approved.

Examples of when a resource consent may be required include:

  • Running an event.
  • Building too close to the boundary/windows to habitable rooms within 1.5m of a boundary.
  • Building too high in relation to the boundary (daylighting).
  • Exceeding maximum height restrictions.
  • Exceeding site coverage restrictions.
  • Significant earthworks or earthworks on a steep slope.
  • A reduction in required parking.
  • Building close to an archaeological site or waahi tapu.
  • Changing a protected heritage building.
  • Building in a hazard area, such as the coast or close to a river that is known to flood.

When your consent application affects other parties, they could be involved in the approval process.