Roadside Spraying

Roadside Spraying

We periodically spray road reserve areas to control vegetation within water channels, side drains and pavements. This helps keep our local network tidy and ensures services such as drains are well maintained and free flowing.


The operational area includes the entire district’s local road network, excluding state highways (70km per hour zones and over).


No-spray zones


Residents can request that their property frontage is not chemically sprayed and undertake to control the vegetation themselves. If the Council approves your application, the contractors will be notified not to spray directly outside your property and your property will be listed on the Council’s no-spray register. 


In rural areas the contractor will mark the no-spray area with no-spray marker pegs. The pegs must be the no-spray pegs provided by the Council and residents cannot erect their own pegs.


Residents who choose the no-spray option need to maintain the vegetation on the berm themselves. This includes eradicating invasive weeds and ensuring all roadside signs and markers are clearly visible. Stormwater drainage ditches need to be kept clear of excess vegetation.


No-spray zone application form


Please note:

  • Only the property owner can request the property is listed on the no-spray register.

  • If you do not control the weeds in the street frontage of your property, the Council will resume spraying.

  • You will be contacted annually to confirm you wish to remain on the no-spray register. 


Spraying on State Highways


Contractors employed by New Zealand Transport Agency undertake an ongoing vegetation control programme to ensure that roadside vegetation does not affect the safety or operation of the region’s state highway network.


Persons wishing to register their property as a no-spray zone, which requires a commitment to maintain a property’s highway frontage to specifications provided by NZTA, may do so by contacting NZTA directly.