Permits for Skip Bins and Other Temporary Obstructions

All skip bins and other temporary obstructions need to be placed on your property wherever possible. If the obstruction is placed outside your property boundary on public land you may need a permit to allow for public access and safety. Public land includes the footpath, berm and road.

To apply for a permit either email us at, fill in our online application form, or give us a call on 06-759 6060. You will need to provide:

  • Your name and address.
  • A clear description of where you wish to place the object.
  • How you will minimise any safety issues.

We will check your application and, where approved, you'll be issued a letter stating the approval with any conditions. 

We require two days notice for approving permits for a skip bin and five days for any other object.

Skip bins cannot be placed on footpaths and a minimum 500mm clearance is required around fire hydrants and utility covers (telco, water, gas etc). Permission will not be granted for use of bus stops, taxi stands, mobility spaces, loading zones or on yellow broken lines without a traffic management plan.

Some common items which require a temporary obstruction permit are:

  • Skip bins.
  • Scaffolding.
  • Containers.
  • Scissor lifts.
  • Port-a-com buildings.
  • Cranes.

Other approvals needed

Other use of public spaces may require a different approval. For example:

Some temporary obstruction permits will also require a traffic management plan (TMP). For example, scaffolding requires a TMP for the installation and removal of the scaffold.

Generic Temporary Obstruction Permits

A generic permit may be issued when a company is conducting work in public places on a regular basis and is repeating the same sort of job in terms of scope, scale and risk.

Please contact us to see if you are eligible for a generic permit.

Generic permits are issued to the company undertaking the work, e.g. the builder that requires a container, not to a traffic management company, the owner of the container or any other agent applying for permit on behalf.