Where to Park

Parking Information 

There are a variety of parking options in New Plymouth's CBD, from on-street to off-street and leased parking spaces.

The parking meters have an in-built 10 minute courtesy period for you to arrange your payment for parking. If you’re going to be less than 10 minutes then by all means duck in and out free of charge – just be sure to return before the 10 minutes is up! There is no grace period for time restricted spaces (e.g. P60 and P10 spaces).

The easy-to-use PayMyPark app lets you pay for parking via your smartphone. You can extend your parking time remotely, receive an alert when your paid parking is about to expire, or use the start/stop function and pay for only the parking time you use. 

Council-managed parking areas are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day (unless otherwise stated below) and are free after 5pm and on Sundays and public holidays. 

Time restrictions (e.g. P60 and P10 parks) apply between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday unless otherwise stated on the sign.

Motorbike parks are free.

Ways to pay for parking

You can pay for your parking using:
  • Coins
  • Paywave
  • Credit card (50c fee and $2 minimum payment, with payments accepted in two-hour increments)
  • PayMyPark app (users can top-up their parking from anywhere in the city and receive alerts when the paid parking is about to expire. ‘Start-Stop’ function, which enables users to pay for the exact amount of parking used.)

You can also pay for your parking space at any machine. Just make sure you have the right number and you're aware of the time limits on your space.

SuperGold Cardholder Benefits

Park for free up to 11am, Mondays to Saturdays in all Council paid-parking spaces providing a SuperGold card or an alternative Council parking card is displayed on the dashboard. This does not apply to time-restricted parking spaces, e.g. P30 parks. Contact us for an alternative Council parking card.

If you plan to stay beyond 11am, purchase the extra time as you arrive, our handheld devices will register that you have paid beyond 11am.

Time limits still apply. For example there is a two hour time limit on Devon Street, this time limit applies to SuperGold cardholders.

Mobility Cardholders

Got a mobility card? You must still activate the meter but whatever time you pay for will be doubled as long as you display your mobility card on the dashboard. You can also double your stay in P30s and P60s (but not P180s, P120s, P15s or under).

Please make sure your mobility card is clearly displayed. Current international mobility cards can be used in New Zealand. If your mobility card is not displayed you are liable for a fine of $150. 

Don't know how long you will be?

You can use the PayMyPark App to pay for your parking so you can take as long as you like without having to return to your car.

On street parking

Area Fees Apply
Gill Street (between Liardet and Gover streets) $2/hour
9am-5pm Monday - Saturday
New Plymouth CBD $2/hour
9am - 5pm Monday - Saturday
Urenui, Waitara, Inglewood, Fitzroy, Westown, Strandon, Moturoa, Ōākura and
Okato shopping areas
Free (time restricted)

Off street parking 

Area   Fees Apply
Egmont car park (access from Egmont Street) $2/hour
9am-5pm Monday to Saturday
Puke Ariki north car park (access from St Aubyn Street)

Partially covered, has campervan parking.
9am-5pm Monday to Saturday
Wind Wand car park (opposite corner of Egmont and St Aubyn streets) $2/hour
9am-5pm Monday to Saturday
Upper Courtenay Street car park (front of The Warehouse) Free (time restricted)
Lower Courtenay Street car park (below The Warehouse), open 7am - midnight

Undercover parking. Good parking for Event Cinemas. 
8am-5pm Monday to Saturday
Powderham car park (between Vivian and Powderham streets) $2/hour
8am-5pm Monday to Saturday
Central car park (between Devon and Powderham streets opposite TSB Showplace) $2/hour
8am-5pm Monday to Saturday
Molesworth car park (Molesworth Street) $2/hour
8am-5pm Monday to Saturday