PayMyPark App

PayMyPark App

PayMyPark allows you to pay for parking via your smart phone and extend your time remotely. The app will even send you an alert when your paid parking is about to expire.

Download for free on Google Play or the App Store:

Google Play Store

App Store

Or go to to use it on your computer.

  1. Set up an account.
  2. Top up your account.
  3. Pay for parking.

Account holders have the option of getting a receipt emailed to them as part of the process of making payment.

PayMyPark Fees

Note: The Council does not receive the fees paid. They are collected by the banks and the app provider.

Casual parking 
without an account 
Fees  Total paid 
$2 40 cents $2.40
$4 40 cents $4.40
$8 40 cents $8.40
$16 40 cents $16.40


Topping up a PayMyPark
account via credit card 
Fee  Total paid 
$10 $1.02 $11.02
$20 $1.82 $21.82
$50 $4.22 $54.22
$100 $7.22 $107.22


Topping up a PayMyPark
account via Internet banking 
Fee  Total paid 
$10 $0.60 $10.60
$20 $1.20 $21.20
$50 $3.00 $53.00
$100 $5.00 $105.00


  • Set up an account and top it up via internet banking on the PayMyPark website to minimise fees.
  • Use the ‘start-stop’ function so that you only pay for the exact parking required (start-stop function is only available to account holders).
  • Want to use PayMyPark for your business? Set up one account and have all staff using the same account to enable easy end of month reconciliation. Parking can be paid for from the office (via the PayMyPark website) if staff do not have their own smart phones.


I do not have the ‘start-stop’ function available to me.
The ‘start-stop’ function is only available to account holders. Go to the PayMyPark website to register.

I want to use the ‘start-stop’ function but the app wants to charge me for the rest of the day’s worth of parking.
When using the ‘start-stop’ function customers are charged up front the amount it would cost to park in that bay until 5pm. This is to ensure that customers have enough credit in their accounts prior to leaving their vehicle, otherwise their credit may run out before they return. When you return to your vehicle and press ‘stop’ the app will refund to your account any remaining money not used in association with that parking session.

Some of the text is illegible, the app looks broken.
The app works best on iPhone5 and newer. Sometimes the app does not display properly on older phones.

I’m trying to top up my account via internet banking because it incurs less fees but I cannot find this as an option in the app.
Topping your account up via internet banking can only be done on the PayMyPark website once logged in.

My parking session has expired and I tried to extend it but it would not let me.
Customers are only able to extend their parking prior to the parking session expiring. Once a parking session has expired you cannot extend it. Customers are required to start a new parking session in this instance.

I want to park on Devon Street for more than two hours but it won’t let me.
There is a two hour time limit in the central section of Devon Street. Customers are expected to vacate their car park after two hours and if they do not they risk receiving a parking ticket.

Why won’t the app recognise my bay number.
PayMyPark only recognizes bay numbers that are associated with paid parking bays. If you enter a bay number associated with a time restricted bay it will not be recognized e.g. P30.